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Australasia Healthcare Group

We Oversee The Provision Of Critical Communications Solutions To The Aged & Healthcare Providers Throughout Australasia

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From 30 years of supplying the industry, we have gained an in depth understanding of its requirements and challenges. We help customers:

  • Find efficiencies
  • Manage risk
  • Optimise resources
  • Reduce cost
  • Achieve competitive advantage

AHG works with providers to the industry and is also a parent company for three critical communication organisations:



Miracle Electronics

Our Values

Throughout Australasia Healthcare Group, we align with our values in how we operate. Taking pride in what we do and how we help each other, our customers and communities. 

Do What’s Right

We Are Big Hearted

We’re Better Together

Driven By Passion

Growing Every Day

AHG was formed to:

  • Ensure providers get better access to the information they need to make informed decisions about their businesses in terms of what adds meaningful value day to day – and what doesn’t
  • Provide access to turnkey solutions which are tailored to suit the specific needs of an organisation
  • Ensure your systems are scalable and can be enhanced/upgraded as your needs change to help you achieve a lower total cost of ownership and better return on investment
  • Invest in innovation and ongoing product development
  • Keep across the latest trends in technology to ensure you are positioned, as required, at the forefront of your sector
  • Provide assistance with any or all of:
    • Design & Consultation
    • Scope
    • Supply & Installation
    • Integration
    • Commissioning
    • Service & Support
    • Project Management

We know how difficult it can be having to deal with a number of different providers for the various products and services used by your organisation. Where it gets particularly difficult, of course, is where these various systems are interconnected and, yet, the providers of each are involved in only one part of the integrated solution, if at all.

Given the trend is to move away from standalone systems which operate in isolation of each other to a more seamless and integrated network covering your wider critical communications needs, it seems logical to put some structure and coordination to the process of scoping, supplying and supporting these solutions.